What we offer ?

4prόodoς – our Performance Management Solution – is a great work environment where to build the best “workout plan” tuned with your needs and goals, showing exactly what to do (and when), and at the same time, measuring the progress and motivation of all those involved in enterprise business processes.

Overcoming situations in which divisions may have different versions of the truth for the same process, 4prόodoς helps enterprise to cope with the difficult challenge to manage the performance. It is able to implement a virtuous circle that helps the managers to quickly understand actions vs results cross-analysis, the effectiveness of the implemented actions or needs for a reshaping to achieve the expected business results.



4prόodoς helps Executives and Managers to quickly and effectively share company’s strategies to all employees – with the result – to make them aware of the impact that their decisions and actions have on the performance of the company.


Charting, Alarms & Monitoring, Escalation path …


monitoringThe module is dedicated to real-time sharing of results. Offers certainty and relevance of the data, the central control on access and quality of the displayed data. Information are shared in a simple and intuitive way to help employees understand that their actions have a direct impact on the customer experience and on corporate objectives. The dynamics Management of objectives helps managers to profile Goals to individuals or groups based on their specific characteristics.

The failure to achieve targets – through the “Alarms & Monitoring” and “Escalation path” functionalities – the solution provides the ability to configure different levels of alarm thresholds automatic notifications via various media channels such as email, SMS, APPs …

Coaching & e-Learning



The module is dedicated to manage growth projects with specific goals, facilitating change through a path of self-perfection. The employee remains responsible for each step and the supervisor helps him to become aware of its goals and to achieve them better (one-2one or team meeting, classroom training, external experts involvement, …).

It also helps the Management and the Supervisor to verify the effectiveness of coaching designed to possibly reschedule the Coaching content himself with the aim of improving actions to achieve corporate business objectives.

Multichannel Communication (Apps, Walldisplay…)



The module is dedicated to anticipate and proactively address customer needs and issues via automated communications channels. Offers the opportunity to proactively communicate with customers – or whatever stakeholders – with personalized, relevant messages over their preferred communications channel strengthens relationships and increases loyalty.

A tool capable to utilise multiple channels including Wall Display, outbound IVR, predictive/preview dialing, SMS messaging, email, and mobile web to help organisations reach their customers through compliant contact strategies. It can be used to effectively enhance the customer journey from initial steps of customer interaction through the ongoing servicing of the customer.




The module is dedicated to identify Real-Time Customer Feedback and to understand the Customer Experience Management provided by the enterprise service. Offers the opportunity to increase customer loyalty and employee performance analyzing and act in real-time to their customers’ comments and issues.

By measuring the customer experience at every point in the customer journey, the module allows organization to identify and fix points of failure within the business, immediately tracking the impact of any changes made. Employees also feel a strong sense of ownership, especially when they have access to what customers said about them.




The module is dedicated to the identification of the statistical method more suitable for building the best “prophecy”. Provides collection and exploratory analysis of the most important data (choice of time series to be analyzed, external data input, correct any errors, identify (and explanation) of outliers) in order to verify the adequacy of the assumptions.

A tool capable of finding the right trade-off between complexity and utility to get the “prophecy” by moving averages and interpolating functions, polynomial trend, Box-Jenkins models ARMA (Auto Regressive Moving Average), neural networks …

Rewards & Recognition



The module is dedicated to the management of rewards and recognition processes. Offers the opportunity to involve employees by creating online programs easy to understand, participate and use. It is a strategic tool to motivate, connect and encourage employee loyalty by being able to drive more effectiveness the employee to the expected business results and corporate values that it is strategic to promote.

It helps improve the morale of employees by rewarding them for their efforts, getting positive, proactive and dynamic behaviors and in the case of team objectives enhances cooperation between employees of a team or between different teams.